Teen Pregnancy Is A Global Problem

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Literature Review

Teen pregnancy is a global problem, it affects all demographics, but certain populations are at greater risk. Statics show that African-American and Hispanic teenage women in the Unites States have the highest birthrates. Inconsistent research of young African American women is at a greater risk of becoming teenage mothers; the culture may contribute to this trend, though the complex relationships (Furstenberg, 1992; Geronimus, 2003; Sullivan, 1993).
According to Trussell (1988), one out of every 10 women aged 15-19 becomes pregnant each year in the United States. Of these pregnancies, five out of every six is unintended, 92 percent of those conceived are premarital, and half of those conceived in marriage (Trussell, 1988). Researching teen pregnancy various studies suggests that teen pregnancy rates are determined by their sexual behaviors, with includes rates of sexual intercourse and condom and contraceptive use (Santelli, Orr, Lindberg, & Diaz 2009).
Consequences of early childbearing have examined the impact of premature parenthood on the economic, marital, and childbearing careers of young mothers (Gortzak-Uzan, Hallak, Press, Katz, M., & Shoham-Vardi (2001). Teenage parents face many life challenges, for example, trying complete high school, finding and paying for quality child care, developing parenting skills, coping with s being a single parent, maintaining a relationship with the father of the child, attending college, securing safe and…
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