Teen Pregnancy Is A Serious Issue

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The social issue I will be addressing throughout my paper is teen pregnancy. The term teen pregnancy is referring to teens between the ages of 13-19 who become pregnant (Akella & Jordan, 2015). Despite the fact that teen pregnancy rates have dropped within the past twenty years, United States continues to have the highest rates of teen pregnancy in comparison to all other developed nations ( Akella & Jordan, 2015). Teen pregnancy is a serious issue for a multiplicity of reasons. A teenager who has a baby is more susceptible to face many social issues in their future such as poverty, poor education, bad behaviors, health issues, and child welfare (Akella & Jordan, 2015). A multitude of persons throughout the United States are continuously questioning what can we do to reduce the rates and negative affects of teen pregnancy within our country. Many continue to also question whether or not our present-day social policies regarding teen pregnancy are practical. Within the United States approximately one million adolescents become pregnant each year and teens who become pregnant are considered to be an immensely susceptible population (March & Cabrera,2015).
 The social issue of teen pregnancy frightens many because teens are still babies themselves yet have to begin raising their own baby as well. The majority of teens who become pregnant lack readiness to raise a child,are in denial of the pregnancy as a whole, do not receive appropriate prenatal care, lack healthcare, are…
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