Teen Pregnancy Is A Serious Problem

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“12.3 Live births per 1,000 women aged 15-17 in 2013.” ( Main, 2015, para.1) Going in public, many teens are pregnant or have already had a baby. Teen pregnancy is a very big concern in society. Everyone needs to come together as a whole to find ways to prevent this from happening so often. Teen pregnancy is a reoccurring problem, but there are ways to prevent them such as starting programs or classes in schools so teens understand why they should not have children, using a contraceptive, and watching TV shows so they can understand being a teen mom is not easy. Educational Programs in Schools The first way society can properly put an end to teen pregnancy is by starting programs and or having the teens take classes in school so they can…show more content…
“The push by the schools is the result of a law the state passed last year requiring all public colleges to implement a plan to combat teen pregnancy,” (Combating teen pregnancy, 2015,para.2). Schools can do this in many ways. One way is to have an assembly that has everyone come together to better teach the teens why protecting themselves from teen pregnancy is so important and the consequences of having babies at a young age. At this assembly the teachers can show the students a slide show presentation on ways to prevent pregnancy. The information will be good for them to know so they can put it to use in the future or if they get into a deep relationship with someone at a young age. Another way to put a stop or help stop teen pregnancy is public schools launching videos, information, and classes to try to combat the states records of teen pregnancy. Being a part of society, there needs to either be a decline in the numbers of pregnancies or even better put a combat to the whole situation. Some schools even offer the children to take a class on unplanned pregnancies if they have fewer than twelve credits and need more. This can be such a good and informational class for the teens to take. Giving the teens all the information possible is the best way to put an end to teen pregnancy. Proper Protection The next way society can put an end to teen pregnancy would be by using a contraception. At the OBGYN, there are many
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