Teen Pregnancy Norms Affected By Race, Religion, And Social Status

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Teen Pregnancy Norms Affected by Race, Religion, and Social Status


Teen pregnancy is a controversial issue that Americans are facing in society today. The problematic behavior that comes along with teen pregnancy is a cultural phenomenon that exists on many domains. A bulk of the teenage population is starting to believe that teen pregnancy is customary and okay. A persons’ background has a lot to say about how weakly or strongly this norm is enforced. Although it is difficult to get a full variation of pregnancy norms in high schools across the nation, the three main aspects that influence teen pregnancy are race, religion, and social status.
It is hypothesized that social status has the highest correlation to teenage pregnancy. If a teenager’s status were to change, they would feel pressured to hold up to that new status and norm. If a teenager were to move up in their social status, they would feel as though they would have to live up to the expectations of that new social structure. The direction in which your social status moves determines the rise or fall of the next generation. Questions such as why more and more women in high school are getting pregnant are both difficult to tackle experimentally and highly charged socially. Although there have been numerous studies comparing the three aspects that influence the level of pregnancy among teenagers, investigations of social status influencing teenagers that are

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