Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy nearly 24.4 births for every 1,000 females age group 15-19 years old have given birth to a child. 89 percent of these births have been nonmarried. (Trends in Teen pregnancy and childbearing) It is common around this age group to develop hormones that invest in sexual activity. 41 per 1,000 Hispanic girls, 39.0 per 1,000 black girls, and 18.6 per 1,000 white girls reported pregnant in 2013. There’s countless judgment on girls who get pregnant at a young age, everybody who looks down upon it always says that “they won't amount to anything” or “they ruined their lives”. Like most women, they have dreams and goals. Before anybody ends up in this type of situation they have their lives planned out and know what they want to do and then all of a sudden a baby shows up and gets in the way. Now I'm not saying a baby is a mistake nor am I saying it’s not a big distraction from your educational studies. I see a baby as a gift from God. To me, everything happens for a reason. My mother at the age 17, which is my age right now. My mother told me my grandma would never sign the papers in order to watch the videos in class about unprotected sex. She never knew what was right and what was wrong. She didn’t know the basics. I remember my mom telling me that she wished she would be more involved in sports and school, but her mom would never allow her to anything. My mom met my older sister's dad in highschool, they fooled around and upon came my sister. My
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