Teen Pregnancy Prevention : One Of The Most Controversial Subjects

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Priscilla Blackwell
Instructor Beverly Williamson
English 111-02
April 9, 2017
Preventing Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy prevention is one of the most controversial subjects in today’s society. Many will argue that peer pressure and the area you live in are contributing factors to most adolescent pregnancies. No matter what geographic location you reside in, the problem is usually in the home, in the school system, and the cost of contraception and the barriers in obtaining it. The biggest predicament regarding the issue of adolescent pregnancy is the question of prevention. Preventing teen pregnancy includes problems such as the availability of birth control, sexual education among children and adolescents, and parental involvement.
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However, schools should be assisting with this education. They should provide resources for parents and teens on contraception and preventing teen pregnancy. They should also have counselors or health educators available for teens to confide in when they feel they have no one to talk to about risky situations that could ultimately cause teen pregnancy.
Parents should be more involved in their teen’s life. They should be focusing on open communication, spending quality time with their children, and teaching them that every negative action has a consequence. Parents need to step up when it comes to the “sex talk” and explain what the consequences would be if they become pregnant. If a teen thinks they may have to quit school, get a job, and possibly move out of the home, they make think about it more often and take initiative to prevent pregnancy. Parents need to realize that their children aren’t perfect and that teen pregnancy can happen to them. They need to have that open door policy in effect at all times and should never judge nor criticize what their children may tell them. It is a parent’s job to direct their children in the right direction and provide support no matter the issue. Parental involvement is necessary in preventing teen pregnancy.
In the article “Preventing Teen Pregnancy by Avoiding Risk Exposure,” written by Josie A. Weiss, she states “The U.S. has the highest
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