Teen Pregnancy Problems

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I. Public Health Problem
Teen pregnancy has become an issue in our society that is affecting us all and the community at large. Teen pregnancy exists in our society due to the dominant culture that sends teens damaging messages about sexuality other reasons include: contraception failure, being drunk, feeling pressured to have unprotected sex or getting caught up in the moment. While the choice to be sexually active is personal, there are several factors that influence pregnancies in the teenage populations. There are external and internal factors that contribute to this problem. Internal factors include conformity, interests and the role of the parent. For instance, external factors include peer pressure from peers and partners, the glamorization of pregnancy through the media and how pregnancy has become iconic in schools and in communities has led to this prominent crisis. Other factors that have contributed to this problem are abstinence-only sex education programs, unwanted sexual intercourse and the fact that many teens are clueless about the different methods of contraception.
There is a wide variation of causes that give rise to teenage pregnancy, which consists of family, community and social dysfunctions. The U.S. has the highest frequency of teen pregnancy. However, there is an extensive geographic disparity in teenage pregnancy across the United States. The Northeast has lower teen birth rates that the Southern part of the country. The Southern part of the

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