Teen Pregnancy Rates Have Reached An All Time High

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Did you know that today teen pregnancy rates have reached an all-time high in the United States? According to a healthcare organization called, Family Planning Plus, about 750,000 American teenage girls get pregnant annually, to date. In consequence, high schools around the country have taken a decision to step up and take an action in decreasing the rate of teen pregnancy. Becoming a parent permanently and profoundly alters a teenager 's life. Most of the girls forget about their dreams of happy marriage, and become mothers at an early age. College is almost always out of the question, graduating high School becomes a goal most teenage moms do not achieve. Today, there are many types of birth control found in schools across the country; however most parents and administrations are having trouble accepting the distribution of contraception in educational facilities saying that it enables students to have intercourse and is also against religious beliefs. From my point of view, schools should have contraceptive supplements available to young adults and teenagers because it can lower the risk of teenage pregnancy and abortion, prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and help teenagers be comfortable making responsible decisions. According to the article entitled, “Untangling the Health Disparities of Teen Pregnancy,” young girls having babies is not new, as a matter of fact, teenage parenthood was higher in the 1950 then it is today, but things were different. Most of the

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