Teen Pregnancy Rates On Canada

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This report takes an in-depth look at the teen pregnancy rates in Canada. Comparing the trends in Canadian provinces mainly focused on the trends in Ontario. Teen pregnancy rates have drastically falling from a report completed in the 1970’s where the pregnancy rate amongst teen girls between the ages of 15-19 years old. In the 1970’s, teen pregnancy was amongst the highest rates Canada has ever seen. This report also focuses on the reasons teen pregnancy is prevalent in the following provinces and the effects after the birth of the child, what factors play a role in these mothers giving birth which include; family circumstances and the position poverty plays. Comprehensive research has been done over the last few years following these trends. Canada’s teen pregnancy rates are less than that of the United States and the United Kingdom. What has Canada done to prevent the high number of teen pregnancy within the last few years? Teen pregnancy in itself is a challenge for young girls who have barely reached the legal age. Canada has set up various outlets for these mother’s to be able to gain the unique resources available to them to gain access to education but is Canada influencing these young girls to have children? It is seemingly much easier for these girls to take care of their children being that the government of Canada offers several tax allowances, depending on how many children one has. Mothers of children under the age of 18 receive Canada Child Tax…
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