Teen Pregnancy Research Paper

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The Effects of Pregnancy Among Adolescent Girls
Heather Thedford
HS 2013: Health Communications
Texas Woman’s University
Teenage pregnancy is defined as a teenage girl, usually within the ages of 13-19, becoming pregnant (Unicef 2008). These are young girls that have not yet reached adulthood, who are engaging in unprotected sex and have conceived a child from that encounter.
Risk Factors Associated with Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy has severe health risk factors for the teen mother and for the unborn child as well. Research shows that teen mothers are less likely to get proper prenatal care. Resulting in babies that are more likely to be born prematurely or of low birth rate. This can cause “chronic respiratory
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In 2015, the national teen birth rate for non-Hispanic white females was 90,833. The teen birth rate for non-Hispanic black females was 50,039. Along with the teen birth rates for Hispanic 80,364, American Indian/Alaska Native 4,738, and Asian/Pacific Islander 4,297. The national percentage of teen pregnancies to girls under the age of 15 was 1 percent. Girls age 15-17 was 26 percent and girls age 18-19 was 73percent.
Texas is 5th in the nation when it comes to birth rate for teen pregnancies. In 2015, the number of teen births in Texas was 32,687. That is 34.6 births per 1,000 women. This is an 8 percent decrease from Texas’s peak in 1991 at 56 percent. As you can see, Texas’s teen birth rate is slightly higher than our country’s average birth rate of 22.3 per 1,000 women. Texas is ranked 46th on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 50 (highest) in teen birth rates and teen pregnancy rates.
The number of teen pregnancies in Texas by race/ethnicity in 2015 are just as diverse. Teen pregnancy to Non-Hispanic White females was 7,376. Teen pregnancy to Non-Hispanic Black female was 4,619. Teen pregnancy to Hispanic was 22,745. Teen pregnancy to American Indian/Alaska Native was 127 and Asian/Pacific Islander was 267. The rate of teen pregnancies in 2015 by age are girls under 15 was 1 percent, girls 15-17 was 30 percent and girls 18-19 was 69 percent.
Research has shown that teens who experience
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