Teen Pregnancy Should Not Be Allowed in High School Essay

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“Teen pregnancy should not be allowed because it results in an increase in high school dropouts” .
Its important for teen to stay in school its probably much easier for them to drop out or either the school tells them to they also might feel embarrassed to go to school due to the rumors about her being pregnant some of the teen girls get bullied over the internet being pregnant at an early age some feel worthless and regret what they have done at an early age the rate is going up due to the drop outs its 46% of girls who drop out of high school it went up since 2001 teenagers should not be allowed to get pregnant at an early age, i feel that it's too childish to get pregnant and take care of a kid that your mother or any of your family doesn't want to take care of it ,girls should not be raising a children its horrible seeing teenager walking around stores with a child having children is not easy its very stressful teen girls are always saying they're grown women and an adult ,teenager girls decide to to go parties and have a drink and don't think about the consequences her and her boyfriends are coming to its sad because they don't think first about their education and think that they're going to do something major in life and get paid really good money but thats the other way around they get paid less due to dropping out i would like to have a class about teen pregnancy education and the consequences i don't understand why teenagers get pregnant at an early age…