Teen Pregnancy in the United States

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Even though the number of pregnancies has lowered, there are still an estimated 31pregnancies per 1000 teens. Unfortunately, there are immense consequences from teen pregnancy. These occurrences are due to many circumstances that can be changed, such as, more education, peer pressure, and today’s culture. However, there are ways to prevent all this from happening; using contraception, being aware, or even abstaining from it. Teen pregnancy is an ongoing issue in our country with many causes that can be changed by taking preventative measures to keep teens from suffering consequences that will change their lives forever. There are many causes of teen pregnancy, but let’s focus on the top three issues. The lack of education is something that needs to be changed. Parents should take more time and discuss the causes and the effects that can arise from being intimate with someone and “we must ensure that parents, along with school are teaching up to date, medically accurate information” (Kasher n.p). Cultures may also affect this. Our teens are growing up in a generation where sex is a normal pass time. The media uses sex to draw in teens to get them to buy the latest style jeans or even the next new scintillating fragrance (VanLenten n.p). Music, commercials, and even the celebrities themselves make sex look like it is the thing to do. Just look at the teen pregnancies of the rich and famous, they make…
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