Teen Smoking : By Chris Woolston

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While the article text written about Teen Smoker. I found that, today, as months turn into days and days into hours, the population of teen smokers dramatically increases. Apparently, there is enough material that helps to expound on this thesis. The author gives sufficient data about how teen smokers are increasing among youths citing ample convincing evidence from prior researches. He also gives the causes of the augmentation of the smoking behavior among teens and effective ways through which the matter could be solved. However, I could have liked categorization of the status of the teen more affected by the smoking habit (students and non-students).
This article is Chris Woolston’s work entitled ‘Teen Smoking’. Woolston begins a brief reflection of Bubba Ash, a 15 years smoker who gives a short description of the painful repercussions which he has faced, having smoked for five years, from the time he was only 10. Bubba attributes smoking to his many problems including financial and health related problems. He was a good runner but today, smoking has killed his stamina. Apart from financial drains, Woolston cites other problems related to smoking as lung cancer, heart diseases, emphysema, complications with pregnancy and many other problems. Surprisingly, smoking habits amongst teens are on the rise. Woolston reports that 22% of high school student population in America is made up of regular smokers. A research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention finds that
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