Teen Stress Essay

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“I’m fine”is a common phrase often said by adolescence, to most it has a whole other meaning. According to the article “Adolescent Stress through The Eyes of High-Risk Teens” written by (LaRue, Denise E; Herrman, Judith W.) adolescence can face a high level of stress that most adults are unaware of, they underestimate the challenges and struggles they face everyday. Stress has been related to many other negative behaviours Including; smoking, drug use, alcohol, behavioural problems, high risk sexual motives. This essay will explain the signs and symptoms of stress, the many different levels of Stress, the diagnosis process and coping methods. The primary focus being on teens. To begin, the definition of stress is: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress describes a person’s physical or emotional response to demands or pressure that they may experience from time to time. Common causes of stress include: work, school, money, relationships and illness. The article continues to name the Many evolving reasons behind stress within young adults and why adults may struggle to understand how severe it can become. “The changing nature of stressors through time, the ever-evolving complexities of adolescent life, and the tendency for adults to minimize their own personal stress during the teen years or compare their teen years to the experiences of others. Physiological

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