Teen Suicidal Behavior in our Society

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To live is a very fragile and misunderstood term. Countless lives are taken unwillingly each day by mere accidents, while others are lost fighting to defend their countries’ beliefs. Some of these lives grow old, and some do not, but many are not being lived in the way they were intended. Somewhere along the lines in our society, people have the idea that their own life might not be worth living. Ending their life is called suicide, and it is becoming more and more popular among teenagers in this generation. For people between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four, suicide is the third leading cause of death, only behind accidents and homicides (New, 2012). It was recorded in 1996, that more teenagers and young adults committed…show more content…
This is where the school needs to step in and have a greater crack down of the nationwide epidemic of bullying. Research suggests preventing teenage suicides through better school based support systems is key, which all starts with preventing bullying (Fisher, 2006). Aside from religious beliefs, homosexual teens undergo an abnormal amount of stress. From being confused about their feelings to being worried about how they will be accepted, these teens have enough on their plate. When homosexual teens get bullied at school for their different views, classmates’ rude comments may be enough to send them over their stress limit. Thirty percent of teen suicides annually are from teenagers who have come out as being homosexual (Woodward, 2005). There is much controversy over the topic of homosexuality, especially when people bring the matter of religion into the equation. Individuals who are against this choice in life say that the thirty percent statistic is flawed because it was calculated by a man who was a known homosexual. They believe that homosexuals should not be looked upon as mentors in schools to help struggling children, but rather be kept away from them. Controversy aside, it all comes down to saving lives. Whether people agree with how they live or not does not matter, but their souls do. No one should be made to feel so insignificant that they would
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