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Nobody ever thought that Tyler Clementi- an 18 year old freshman at Rutgers University- would jump off the George Washington Bridge on September 22, 2010. But after a video was streamed of Clementi having a sexual encounter with another man without Clementi’s knowledge, Clementi committed suicide. The actual definition of suicide is “the action of killing oneself intentionally”. The act of suicide is a serious matter, and is particularly prevalent among teens and young adults. The best way to prevent teen suicide is through informing people of its existence, and educating them on the warning signs and prevention methods. In this essay I will explain why suicide is a major public health problem through statistics, show the warning signs,…show more content…
Studies show that girls are more likely to attempt suicide, but males are four times more likely than females to complete the act. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, estimates that 81 percent of suicide victims are males.
While the reasons of suicide are mostly unknown, there are many causes that have been proven to lead to suicide. One of the biggest known factors are drugs and alcohol. “ Studies have shown that suicide rates are five to 20 times higher among drug and alcohol usage” , thats because depression mixed with drugs or alcohol can make people feel even more depressed. Some of the other contributing factors for adolescent suicide are Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS), Bullying- also known as “Bullycide”, and the “contagion effect”- where one suicide motivates the other, common with depressed teens with shared circumstances, or teens influenced by media or memorials (Mental illness, 2012). Even though many people don't know why a person killed themselves, there are warning signs that can tell if a person may be having suicidal thoughts or actions. Such warning signs include: Depression, drug abuse, change in eating, change in habits, signs that lead to depression, and withdrawal from friends. “ Because the fact is that two-thirds of those who commit suicide give some warning first. That means it’s up to us- as friends, relatives, or parents- to recognize the signal and respond, person to person”(Teen Suicide, 2000).
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