Teen Suicide Is A Complicated Tragedy

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Teen Suicide

Suicide is always a complicated tragedy that leaves people with many questions and few answers. When a teen commits suicide, everyone is affected, family members, friends, classmates, teachers, neighbors, and even outsiders. Teen suicide rates have had a major increase over the years. It has been proven to be the third leading cause of death for 15 to 24 year olds (APA “Teen Suicide is Preventable”). Society must provide reliable resources to help ensure that American society is not only aware of teen suicide but also the ways to prevent and treat it.

Day to day, many teens live with many different struggles and challenges in life. Committing suicide comes with a long line of mental frustrations, depression,
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When teens are associated with drugs, they have the tendency to take advantage and abuse the use of them. Studies have shown that previous teens who have committed suicide were under the influence of substance, drugs, and/or alcohol at the time of their deaths(“Medicine.Net”). From 2004 to 2008, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration found an average of 178,423 ER visits a year for drug related suicide attempts involving teens from ages 12 to 17 (WSJ” Study Tracks Drug-Related Teen Suicide”).

The abuse of drugs is not the only reason for suicidal actions. In most cases, some teens are overwhelmed with stress such as academic failures, relationship breakups, and family problems. Stress can cause teens to react in a high level/ high risk suicidal behaviors. Academic failures for some teens can be quite depressing. There are some teens who learn from their mistakes and move on from the disappointment, and others choose to take their life because of guilt and resentment. Teens often seek a simple explanation when something as difficult to understand as suicide occurs (“Lidia Bernik”).

There are many signs and symptoms that show when a teen is suicidal. It is important to take the warning signs of teen suicide seriously. There are some things that teens might do that indicate that they are contemplating or planning suicide. Researchers say that suicidal teens make final arrangement by having a lot of thoughts and conversations about death,
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