Teen Suicide : The Most Prized Award Winner

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Teenage Suicide As an exceptional athlete, the most prized academic award winner, a proud brother and a loving son: recently a student of Northern California attempted Suicide. But why? He had it all.
He had the grades, the athletic skills, the trophy the popularity, what made him so unhappy?
Unfortunately this was based on his ethnicity, which so happened to be Hispanic. A minority student in a community that prided himself on the absence of over racial conflict. The racism of his peers had been very well hidden until his presence. It surfaced, and he lost his center.... Teen suicide has been gradually increasing over the past decade throughout our entire nation. The best and most efficient way to prevent teen suicide is to inform people of its existing threat and to teach people to look for warning signs. Teen suicide is an important issue because it threatens a myriad of lives that have so much great potential. To assist you in understanding the severity of this current issue, i will provide the following statistics about teen suicide, relations and examples, warning signs, and causes. Periods of anxiety or depression during adolescence are common and can be normal scientific reactions to loss or under unbearable amounts of stress. (quiet like the two romantic characters: Romeo and Juliet, of the book/Movie Romeo and Juliet) . But as teen 's ability to think in abstract terms increase, so does the likelihood that he or she will reflect on many issues including the

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