Teen Vandalism...Who Pays? Essay

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Parents of teen vandals should be held responsible for their child’s act of vandalism because, as parents, they maintain accountability of their children. Due to the consequences of their child’s act of destruction and lack of morals and values, parents who maintain by law, total accountability of their children owe it to their community to pay for all costs incurred. The repercussions of family embarrassment may, in the long run teach not only the children how to obey authority through implemented rules and regulations, but it may also cause the parents to ultimately learn that their parenting skills need to align with acceptable standards of society. When faced with hundreds of dollars in court cost, legal fees and property damage…show more content…
Because the teens were, “bored and looking for adventure” (Williams), they shattered the lives of their victim’s families as well as their own. By all accounts, the teens that committed this awful act of vandalism were only acting out of boredom, not intentionally or deliberately seeking to hurt someone. Evidently they were destroying property and the roadways below; by strewing debris in the form of large rocks, which in the end, created a huge mess for work crews and emergency personnel to later clean up. Criminal behavior of any kind is unacceptable; vandalism is indeed an act of criminal intent. Vandalism, defined as the willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property, has become a significant problem in many communities across the United States ("About Juvenile Delinquents; what every parent should know"). Consequently when this type of behavior becomes apparent it creates social issues within a community. No one wants to have their property destroyed; it is an unwanted intrusion of personal space, personal property and individual safety. This is the type of delinquent behavior that parents need to pay close attention to. Peer pressure often leads to negligent behavior in teens. Without consequences for their behavior the cycle of irresponsible behavior can run rampant in a community. For this reason parents should focus on guidance and discipline so

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