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Teen violence is a serious and rapidly growing problem in America. From the horrible incident at Columbine, Colorado to the everyday incidents of youth violence, it is apparent that the problem is growing not shrinking. There are, according to most studies, several possible contributing factors which lead young people to violent behavior. One problem facing children growing up in America is today's media bombardment. Children growing up in today's media bombardment are learning all the wrong things at all the wrong times. Crime can become a way of life to adolescents. They look up to drug dealers, admire rock stars, and imitate robbers. Television, the media, and music are all distorting the rules of society, and are the most…show more content…
The drug business is a very organized, structured, rule abiding business with different job opportunities for different ages. As early as eight years old, they are recruited as "lookouts," making up to 900 dollars a week. When children enter their teen years they begin to move up the ladder as " runners," making over 300 dollars a day. From here, assuming the child has not been shot he can become a dealer earning some 3,000 dollars per day. The rising use of crack cocaine in the last decade has made the problem even worse. " In all my years of experience, I've never seen a drug that's more frightening and more of a menace than crack because of the violent reaction and nature of those addicted to the substance.(Adams. E p. 69)" In Los Angeles, crack is blamed for escalating violence by ten times what it used to be. Another drug causing violent behavior is alcohol. It is linked to some 10,000 murders every year in the U.S., not to mention all the other petty crimes it causes. Experts agree that the mix of guns and drugs in adolescents, worsened by the desperation of poverty, is a lethal one, a mix so deadly that it is killing thousands of young children and imprisoning thousands more. " Television did have an effect on me right from the beginning. In first grade, I was a member of a four-kid gang that went

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