Teenage Addiction to Smoking

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Since the beginning of time society has battled the causes of addiction. Addiction has desecrated the nation’s health and has defiled the health of future generations. The hostile impact on young generations, addiction to smoking cigarettes is staggering. Smoking has taken an enormous toll on the minds and health of young teens around the world.
Teenage smoking is an epidemic that has derives from several causes. Smoking in young teens has become more common this day in age. Smoking in young teens is most commonly brought about by peer pressure. According to an article Teenage Smoking, “At no other time in life is peer pressure stronger than during the teenage years. Teens want to fit in and want to be cool, even at the expense of their
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Teenage smoking is a controversial topic and has been one for several generations. Many studies conducted have proven that smoking is harmful to people of all ages and especially in young teens. “Teenage smoking by definition is someone who has smoked one cigarette in the previous thirty days,” (Beales 2).Teenagers have been known to stretch the truth a time or two so to get an accurate study of whom is smoking is difficult. Several studies by countless companies have taken and have shown that the recent upraise in tobacco sales are due to teenage purchases. According to Teenage Smoking: Fact and Fiction ,” Survey reveals that just over two-thirds of eleven to seventeen year olds who cannot legally smoke in most states have smoked at least one cigarette”(Beales 1). Teenage smoking has been a rising problem throughout the world especially in the United States; however with no evident solution to prevent kids from smoking who is to say it will ever stop. Many concerned parents blame the tobacco companies for the reason their kids are addicted. Most tobacco companies use fancy commercials and radio ads to push their products but instead of adults buying the products, it is the underage teenagers buying the product. By using fancy ads and making smoking seem glamorous rather than repulsive more teens are reluctant to try smoking. According to BMC Public Health, “Plain cigarette packing is associated with a reduction in positive images related to smoking among
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