Teenage Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol Abuse in Teenagers Underage alcohol abuse is a growing problem in the lives of teenagers today. Almost 80% of high school students have tried alcohol (Dowshen). To effectively combat this growing epidemic, teens need to understand the effects of consuming alcohol, and adults need to recognize the problem and effectively prevent alcohol abuse. Though many teenagers do not realize it, alcohol can significantly affect a teen’s life, including short-term impacts on the teen’s popularity and reputation and long-lasting impacts on a teen’s ability to lead a successful and healthy life. Despite the profound effects alcohol may have on the life of a teenager, a teenager’s parents and other authority figures often do not recognize the…show more content…
A teenager must pay for his actions whether he meant no harm or not (Hicks). One reason many parents may be misinformed or uninformed concerning teen alcohol abuse is because alcohol has become easier and easier for teenagers to obtain over the years. Whether it is with a fake ID, people “of age” buying it for them, or just obtaining substances right out of the refrigerator at home teens seem to be able to get alcohol without a problem (Henshaw). Teenagers can acquire fake IDs more easily now than they could have in the past. All you have to do is know the right people. For example, a recent story of a girl 14 years of age purchasing a fake ID shows how easy it is for teens now a days to obtain fake IDs (Kavehkar). The local Phillips gas station has been reported to the police for allowing underage children to purchase alcohol. Because fake IDs have become so popular and easy to obtain, those who work at gas stations need to be more observant to whom they sell their alcohol. A system also needs to be set up to scan the IDs of those purchasing alcohol, and this system needs to be strictly enforced. In addition to purchasing alcohol with fake IDs, teenagers also obtain alcohol from adults that are 21 and over. The adults purchasing alcohol for teenagers are contributing to the negative effects

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