Teenage Brain Vs Teen Brain

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The brain of the average teen is quite different to that of an adult, which results in many struggles in action and behavior that is special to teens. Most of the reasons teens act the way they do versus how adults act can be determined by the brain and its development. These large and important differences between the brains of adults in teens is why teens act so different from adults. The teen brain is different from the adult brain because the teenage brain is not yet done maturing. This has been proved in the article (“Teen Brain...”) where it says that the brain is still growing and maturing in these year and the amygdala is what develops sooner than the prefrontal cortex (“Teen Brain..,”). So what this means is that “teens actions are guided more by the emotional, amygdala and less by the thoughtful, and logical prefrontal cortex” (“Teen Brain…”).This shows the difference between adult brain and teen brains because one typically thinks of most adults as logical and rational people and often people think of teens as kind of crazy or off the rails and irrational. While some of that is simple, the teens personality, a large part is simply biology. Our bodies are meant to survive so it make sense that we develop the reaction and fear first but unfortunately now, in modern times, we do not need those developments first since humans are not trying to survive in a harsh, survival of the fittest centered, environment any longer, which results in the typical teen with an
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