Teenage Consumers

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Individual Marketing Research and Promotional Message Paper Corey Jones PST/322 March 3, 2014 Professor Don Crabtree Consumer needs, attitudes and perceptions are constantly changing and vary all throughout life. People go through phases, moods, and growth that cause their desires to evolve with them. One phase of life that everybody goes through is the years of being a teenager. Teenagers are people who are going through a time in their life where they are trying to discover themselves, and establish their identity as an individual. This can be particularly difficult for marketing research professionals when it comes to communicating with teens, because many of these teenagers want to be ‘different,’ yet still be accepted by…show more content…
Their attitude is that of someone seeking approval and following examples of those they admire, particularly a celebrity. And finally they perceive celebrities as the people whom they should seek advice from. Due to the teenagers constantly seeking approval and being perceived as acting or looking ‘cool,’ marketers can use this to their advantage. Marketers can use perception in their marketing campaigns to appeal to the desires of teenagers. Marketers can convince teenagers that the attitudes regarding what they believe to be as needs are something that they cannot live without. Delivering advertising communications to teenagers suggesting that living without a certain product or service is socially unacceptable and could potentially make them an outcast and unaccepted by their peers would be a great marketing technique. As previously established, one example of communicating to teens by using this marketing technique would be by using celebrity endorsements. If a celebrity that teens perceive as cool, attractive, and somebody they can identify with, they are going to listen to the message they have to offer. A second example of a marketing communication message that would make teenagers feel that they cannot live without a product would be to use social media. In today’s society teenagers are connected at all times with social media. Images and web designs on social media websites have been designed to
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