Teenage Crime Is A Social Problem Of The World 's Attention

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In recent years, teenage crime has become a social problem of the world 's attention. At the same time, the teenage crime increasing both in number and in dimension. Most of the crime forms concentrated in robbery, serious injury, rape, and other show the young ages tendency. This phenomenon has become a serious problem that endangers public security and the impact of society development. There are three significant causes of teenage crime: incorrect family education, social factors, and individual teenage problems. The first cause of the teenage crime is incorrect family education. The family is the first class for teenagers, and the parents are the first teachers. Proper family education is extremely important and a lifelong influence on the healthy growth of teenagers. Many parents are busy with working or get divorced. They do not have time to attend to children. It causes the teenager become introverted,and they hate the opposite genders. The abnormal mentality misleads them. Likewise, if the teenage lives in the surrounding, which the parents do something that is not allowed by the social norms; and it will make the teenagers to form the wrong values and exert a subtle influence on their behaviors. Similarly, the parents’ education methods are simple and rude also causing the crime of teenagers. Some parents do not respect children and do not listen to their children, and they think that abuse and reprimanding their children is a good way to correct them when they

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