Teenage Dating Violence And Prevention

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“Nearly 1.5 million high school students across the country experience physical violence at the hands of a dating partner each year” (Duret). Teenage dating violence is on the rise. Due to recent advances in technology, abuse issues are more prevalent; technology allows room for students to lash out over text messaging and through social media. However, teen violence can be prevented. The government has established laws and campaigns to educate and protect victims. Teenagers go through many changes during their adolescent years and peer influence can make it hard to decipher between right and wrong. However, by high school, teenagers should be able to determine and understand healthy relationships; unfortunately, teenage dating violence statistics continue to rise at alarming rates. Teenage dating violence can be physical, sexual and/or physiological abuse. In the article, “There’s a Fine Line… Adolescent Dating Violence and Prevention,” author Judith Herrman explains “dating violence is the occurrence of physically, sexually and/or emotionally violent episodes in an intimate, interpersonal relationship” (Herrman 164). The violent relationship includes a victim along with a perpetrator. Adolescent years are a major stage of development for teenager and the inconsistency of teenage relationships is the reason teenage dating violence is on the rise. Dating violence can occur regardless of religion, ethnicity or socio-economic background. Domestic violence usually first occurs…
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