Teenage Death Research Paper

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Death is not something many people like to talk about, but it happens. Children dying has an even more significant impact on everybody rather than an older person. The parents have to deal with the fact that they outlived their kid and have to bury them. The death of a child will receive a lot of support from the community because no one wants to go through that. On Sunday, February 28, 2016 Braddock Shovlain was involved in a tragic accident in the All Saints Catholic School parking lot. His older brother was having basketball practice in the parking lot and one of the balls got loose. Braddock, being filled with energy, went to retrieve it. One of the players parents was leaving the parking lot in a big truck which had limited sight around…show more content…
During this time, we had just made it to the State Basketball Tournament for the first time in school history. The initial excitement was overturned by a wave of sorrow. All of us knew Braddock because he would always be running around the gym during practices, so when we heard this news everyone was devastated. In honor of him, Coach O’Brien put Braddock's name and a basketball angel on the back of our warm up shirts so we could wear them at State. We also wrote his name and favorite number on our basketball shoes. Right before the game started there was a moment of silence in honor of him and it caused a great amount of emotion from everyone. Many players and coaches started tearing up on the bench. It was obvious that it had a tremendous impact on all of us. The student section even wore bracelets with his name on them during the game. The team received a lot of attention for doing all of this and it was featured on multiple news stations. This helped get the word out even more and more donations started rolling in.
Many of the teachers at North put money together to buy and frame one of the basketball shirts for the family. A golf outing is being organized as another fundraiser for the family and a scholarship is even being established at North in honor of him. When the accident occurred, people came together in the school to support them. Students who did not even know of Mr. Shovlain still offered condolences. The atmosphere of the school was just a little different that
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