Teenage Depression Is Real : Teen Depression Is Real

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Teen Depression is Real What would the world be without emotion? There is one indisputable fact that can not be ignored especially when it comes to those in their adolescent years. The fact of the matter is emotion plays a massive role in one's quality of life. Surely one can appreciate positive emotions such as; joy, peace, excitement, and gratitude, but what becomes of those who lack these positive emotions? Unfortunately, adolescents all over the world have been struggling with overwhelming emotions that are far from positive. These emotions tend to be occasional unwanted feelings but soon reside as habitual moods. The abundance negative emotion that harbors in the minds of those in their teen year has risen to an all-time high, so why is something so obvious seen as a false and even imagined issue? All too often adults advise teens and even each other to put into practice the phrase “Mind over Matter” which suggest using the power of a strong mind to overcome the matters of the negative world in which we inhabit. Although this phrase may be a meant as well-meaning pick me up it may only be a constant reminder of a void in one's mind in which no one seems to think matters. Perhaps the issue with the phrase “Mind over Matter” is the fact that it does not actually matter how strong a person's mind is, but rather how strong the support system of those suffering from the overload of negative emotion known today a depression. Depression is a widespread sickness that

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