Teenage Drinking And The Abuse Of Alcohol

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Teenage drinking and the abuse of alcohol/smoking. Alcohol abuse can cause wrecks, smoking can cause many different cancers. Whenever people under age consume alcohol, they tend to do stuff that they will regret. Whenever people under age smoke they have some sort of cancer in/on their body. When adults drink they still have a chance to wreck but the percentage of adults getting in a wreck is less of a chance of an underage drinker. They have age restrictions for a reason. E-cigarettes are devices powered by a battery that gives doses of nicotine and other cigarette ingredients to the smoker in an aerosol. E-cigarettes are not for therapeutic purposes and are not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA Center for Tobacco Products said that they intend to grow its jurisdiction over tobacco products and to include e-cigarettes, but has not yet issued regulatory rules. E-cigarettes are not largely regulated, the agency does not have current good information about them, such as the amount and types of ingredients and potentially harmful constituents. Mitch Zeller, director of FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products says, “These data show a dramatic rise in usage of e-cigarettes by youth, and this is cause for great concern as we don’t yet understand the long-term effects of these novel tobacco products”, and “These findings reinforce why the FDA intends to expand its authority over all tobacco products and establish a comprehensive and

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