Teenage Drug Abuse

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Teenage Drug Abuse Nowadays, teens can be very pressured. There are many things that they can be pressured into doing. Some can benefit them while others can tear a person down. One of the things that can be a downfall of being pressured is doing drugs. They can be very bad if they are abused and the use of them, and they can affect someone greatly. Drugs can affect the person using them, the people around them, and they can also play a role in how their future is. There are multiple affects from abusing the use of drugs. There are short and long term consequences from using them. Some of those effects can change the daily routine that teens have: "change in appetite, wakefulness, heart rate, blood pressure, and/or mood to heart attack, stroke, psychosis, overdose, and even death" ( Abuse, National Institute on Drug). Those all can affect someone's health. So, if people were not exposed to drug abuse, they would not have to worry about those problems. Drugs can damage brain circuits, and it can change how a person can enjoy normal things. Drugs can release endorphins that make someone feel happy ( Abuse, National Institute on Drug). Certain things in daily life can do that as well however, becoming addicted to drugs can start to change how they would feel about those things. They will not feel as happy or as excited when they do things that can make them feel good or happy. Once they start to do drugs or get hooked on one thing, it can be hard to stop. A lot of people
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