Teenage Girl Monologue

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To say she is shocked to see a teenage girl blonde teenage Barbie lookalike where her 40 year old one night stand should be is an understatement what the fu.... I explain about everything the d.n.a trial the Dr McCormick everything in a high pitched voice of a teenage girl when I finally finished Vera still shocked says what your saying is impossible. No shit I say in a way that seems bitchy. We have to get you to this Dr McCormick. I text her no answer and I call and don't even get an answering machine start to panic I will come back as I start to panic I don't want to be a girl I don't know how to be a girl. I want to be me/John as Vera comes back with unisex sweats. No use putting it off any longer I think as I strip to my birthday suit.…show more content…
You never said! Vera interrupts I thought we would be done by now! Ok I pout. Do you have kids I add . No she says but we are trying! We sit in silence on the way there as we come across a Darby's where the building should be. A Darby's I'm lose all color in my new face. We go inside to find out the Darby's has been there for 20 years! I barely make it to the car before I collapse in tears. almost screaming I want to be me I don't want to be a girl ! I want to be me I don't want to be a girl
I want to be me I don't want to be a girl. Vera seeming annoyed an determined. John I will help you but you need to calm down once again like adult/child its humiliating but I calm down! We need to get you to an actual doctor! As I pout and wonder if I magically transformed what's stopping me from transforming again. My last living realities my mother just passed and I just moved here John Lundy could disappear off the earth and no one could be the wiser. Which is troubling to say the
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as we leave Vera tries to cheer me up when she says "and that is when everything is normal" . she pays I try to stop her but she insists saying " I don't think your credit is good". It then hits me everything I have is in John Lundys name, Hannah doesn't even have the clothes on her back. I also start thinking. " do I embrace being Hannah become Hannah in the real world and in my mind and forget John ever existed? Or curl up in a ball and hope I magically transform back to John? I excuse myself to the washroom I pull down the sweat pants and start my business in wonder seeing what a vagina does automatically. As I think if I kill off John embrace Hannah. Become every bit of a teenage girl I need to be and forget John. what happens if I become John again as magically as I became Hannah. I finish up and wipe up now and wash up as I try to pump myself up in the mirror you can do this! I'm not sure I beleive it but I rejoin Vera. You okay once again she says it in a adult/child way. I mumble thanks for everything! She reassures me as we get in the car." it's okay I can't leave you by yourself in this condition! " we go over the closest thing to a plan we have as we report John Lundy missing. And we put Hannah Allen on the various government databases. We keep up the charade of me being a visiting Allen relative. As I stay with The Taylor family at least for the night. We pull in to their
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