Teenage Girls And Girls With Pink And Little Boys

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As we can see in the first set of advertisements above, there are toys that are specifically intended to capture the interest in boys and girls separately. Here we can see how certain features in the advertisements help aid in the socialization of children in regards to gender. Over the last couple decades, it’s been custom to shower little girls with pink and little boys with blue while they are young, before they learn to choose their own favorite colors. These colors of pink and blue then become a part of gender identification for the child and this is the reason why, in the top article, that the left article is mostly pink to capture the attention of girls and blue on the right to peek the interest of little boys. There also is a big difference in the toys when it comes to nurturing. On the left advertisement at the top the girls have toys that require more nurturing and gentle treatment. For example the baby dolls need to be nurtured and gently played with as well as the Barbie dolls needs are made for their hair to be brushed and different outfits to be changed. Also one will notice that the toys for the girls are toys which are more acceptable for playing indoors. On the other hand, the boys have toys that are not expected to be gently handled, for instance, the Star wars sword and helicopter are meant to be bashed and banged around. These toys for little boys are also made to be played with more outside because toys like this can break things in a household. This

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