Teenage Girls

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I’m not going to hang out with these girls, they aren't popular, and they don't get invited to anything. To begin, they only want to hang out with all the popular kids; because they are “cool”, and only wear the new popular style of clothes because everyone else is. In fact, some girls wonder everyday if they are good enough to fit in, or if they can talk or hang out with certain groups. Girls are always wondering if their peers accept them. Talking with boys is also another thing teen girls do that cause them to stress, it's hard especially if you can't even talk to any other people, not knowing if you're good enough. Although teen girls are supposed to always be happy, there are many problems girls now face, that I think can easily be resolved, like being self conscious, being a follower, and wanting to only hang out with “popular” kids. To begin, teenage girls face too much stress due to a fairly good amount of issues with their self confidence. For example, some girls care about how they look; girls think they should always wear the clothes that are “in style” and are the most expensive, or even just considered “cool”. Another thing worry about is determining if they are popular. Instead of wondering about things a normal kid would think about, girls wonder if they are good enough to fit in a certain group, and if they did fit in, who all likes them. Phones are a necessity in the everyday life of a teenager. From snapchatting to just texting you
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