Teenage Internet Addiction

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Internet addiction among teenagers

In recent years,network technology developing rapidly so that internet bring changes for teenager’s daily life and a large number of teenagers network user is rising. A review by Lau CH(2011 ) found that over 12% of male students and 5% of female students in China showed signs of Internet addiction. Moreover,Data from Pew Internet and American Life Project(2001)analysed that around 39.2% teenagers spend approximately 3-4 hours on internet,as a result,they may feel live in a virtual world. Similarly, Kimmerly and Lisa(2009) have argued that over 90% of children aged 3-18 in the US used computers, and the long time they surf the internet might cause physical health problems to teenagers (obesity, visual strain and insomnia). So the essay presented here summarize the major drawbacks about teenager Internet addiction,including internet addition in games,social media and sex.(Goldberg,2005). In addition,identifying and analyzing the reasons of adolescent internet addiction. As a result,focus on the addition problem and discuss the solutions.

One factor of teenager internet addiction is that individual characteristics of the young people, including their special physiological and psychological characteristics. According to Ximena and Vangie(2004),adolescence is a critical stage in the development of future adult patterns. Teenagers are trying to figure out who they are, who they will become, and how to handle relationships. These individual
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