Teenage Marriages Are Likely to End Unhappily

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Hot wax, orange flames, pure white candles burning; foggy grey smoke as the wind repeatedly blew each one out. Sparkly rainbow glares from the magnificently detailed designs of sequence on her wedding dress, targeted the retinas of each guest. His hair combed back with a perfect waive affect as he bent down to kiss his bride. Wings fluttered, everyone smiled and was in awe, as the doves were released and flew into the clouds. The sun glistened over the venue, as rice was tossed above the bride and groom. They made their exit, leaving a great ambience of love in the air. Marriage is a beautiful thing. “Why God?”, “Why here in this small backyard?” My grandmother continuously muttered, snapping me back into reality. Sweat dripping down my…show more content…
The enormous rush of lust stopped, and the coming home late arose. Roberto was a full time employ and that was very understandable. As the sun set, skies became dull and the clouds vanished Roberto still wasn’t home. He’d wake up at sunrise and usually return home hours before sun down, but months passed and that wasn’t the case anymore. Guadalupe’s head filled with anxiety, worries, and with worst case scenarios when he wouldn’t call to say he was working late or didn’t have a ride home. This childish act he continued to play became old and tired. On the weekends at their normal Sunday breakfast spot, a routine of flirting was noticeably regular between the “slutty” waitress and Roberto. Guadalupe was very on fond of his flirting, she was too young to stress and be depressed over such behavior. Later that particular Sunday Guadalupe received an anonymous phone call from someone stating a rumor that Roberto was cheating on her. Days came in and out of their lives, and before she knew it he made beyond ridiculous lies to stay away from home, and the rumors became reality. Screaming and shouting blasted out of their home for weeks at a time. Roberto pleads guilty of every time Guadalupe accused him of cheating. Every so often she would nag him about working too much and coming home drunk, and he would respond with insults about her appearance. Fat! Elephant! Hippo! Ugly! Roberto would shout mean things to her; with hot breathe of a monstrous ogre,

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