Teenage Mothers Stereotypes

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Teenage mothers face many stereotypes and misconceptions, and based on this, the image people might have about teen moms are that young mothers are irresponsible, without a future, and bad mothers. Stereotypes are an elegant way in which people generalize a group with few details without knowing them deeply. On the other hand; misconceptions or misunderstandings is the erroneous view or opinion on something because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. In addition; the main negative thing about stereotypes and misconceptions is that prejudge people. Teenagers who became single mothers are more vulnerable to be exposed to judgements because of the bad decisions they took in their lives. Single mothers are people who took the decision to raise their children without the need of about father figure. Nevertheless; teenage mothers face discrimination and judgment…show more content…
Since, stereotypes are based on something true that justified and reinforced them to prevail. Stereotypes generalize a group of people like if everyone were or behave in the same way. For this reason, many stereotypes or most of them are full of prejudgments. A good example is when people use the stereotype of “The men are jealous” because it talks about men like if every man and each one were the same. Moreover; there are different types of stereotypes such as gender, culture, religion, social groups, believes, etc. The stereotype more known or most common to identify gender stereotype, since it involves sexist ideas, whether feminists or the macho ideas. In the women some of the gender stereotypes are that women are in charge to clean the house, to do the chores, be beauty, sensible, etc. All the contrary in the opposite sex, men are expected to do not cry, they are in charge of the stability of the home economics, they are who generate the economic resources in the family,
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