Teenage Pregnancy Among Urban Adolescent Women

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According to the study, “Multi-level Factors Associated with Pregnancy among Urban Adolescent Women Seeking Psychological Services” teen pregnancy is still an ongoing issue that affects minority women. A great deal of research and literature pertaining to teenage pregnancy has been completed, however not much research focus on teen pregnancy amongst those females with mental illness (Lang et al., 2013). Due to the scarcity of research and literature, an investigation of risk factors associated with adolescent females with mental health issues as it relates to teenage pregnancy was completed (Lang et al., 2013). The purpose of the study is to examine multi-level risk factors amongst minority adolescents with psychological disturbances as it relates to history of pregnancy (Lang et al., 2013). The study examines many risk factors such as risky individual behavior, family dynamics, and environment to determine if there is a direct correlation between past teenage pregnancies amongst adolescent with psychological disturbances. Method: The methodology of the study was a correlational research study. The participants used for the study were recruited from a larger research experiment that focused on HIV prevention. The study consisted of (n=264) adolescent females between the ages of thirteen and eighteen who were sexually active. To be eligible for the study, participants had to have a participating parent and between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. The participants had
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