Teenage Pregnancy And Condom Use

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Rogerian essay Teenage pregnancy and condom use Teenage pregnancy and condom use are one of the greatest debated and an issue that people cannot seem to agree on. While some parties feel that giving teenagers’ sex education starting from an early age will go a long way in helping curb teenage pregnancies, others feel that this only accelerates the rate at which teenagers are getting pregnant with the constant exposure to information that they use wrongly. The main concern in this topic is how to minimize and possibly eliminate teenage pregnancies. . One of every 10 girls in the United States gets pregnant each year (Kasun Jacqueline, 1994). Both sides believe that this statistic should go down and no teenager should be getting pregnant before they are ready to have or support children. While opposers may argue that introducing condom use to children early in their lives may be encouraging teenage sex and consequently teenage pregnancies, they must also embrace the changing times and acknowledge that in this day and age, they are bombarded with all forms of information, both positive and negative. Therefore, they are compelled to at least provide them with reliable information on this subject that will allow them to make wise and informed decisions in matters of their sex lives. If they do not do so, they are exposing them to an even greater danger of misinformation which is more dangerous than the first option. Opposers must realize that when they do not provide teenagers
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