Teenage Pregnancy And Its Effect On Children 's Decision Making

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Raising young teenagers in today’s society is difficult at best. Although the majority of parents aim to raise their children the right way, outside influences and pressures play a role in their child’s decision-making. For instance, promiscuity among adolescents is a constant issues most parents worry about during this stage of development. Teens are learning about sex from friends, movies, and television shows where it is glamorized and seen as something fun and exciting. What they negate to show is the negative aspects of premarital sex, and what comes with making such an important decision before marriage or even prior to reaching the proper maturity level. As a result, instead of focusing on their high school education, they are instead dealing with teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and other negative consequences that follow risky sexual behavior at an early age. Kearney and Levine (as cited by Whalen & Loper, 2013) suggest that, “Despite recent decreases in the rate of teenage pregnancy and increased prevention efforts, the Unites States continues to have the highest rate of teenage births of any industrialized country” (p. 347).Educating teens early may not always prevent them from choosing to engage in sexual behaviors; however, they will be better informed of the risks that come along with making these decisions, and hopefully will cause them to think before they act. Keywords: adolescents, teen pregnancy, STD’s, interventions, risky behaviors, family

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