Teenage Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancies

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The amount of teenage pregnancies in America has skyrocketed in the last few decades. Young, uneducated children are having sexual intercourse without a clear understanding of the serious consequents behind their actions, but it is not entirely their fault because their parents and school’s curriculum have failed to bestow a clear and concise grasp of sex. Sexual education is typically incorporated into an academic setting either in middle school or high school when an adolescent is hitting puberty. But, teaching sexual education to teenagers when their hormones are off the roof is like telling a child not to eat a cake after they had just consumed it—not very helpful. If a child is taught at an early age about sexual education, staring in elementary school, rather than in high school or middle school, it will reduce the risk of teenage pregnancies, help kids is less self-conscience of his or her body, and gain a clear understanding of sexual transmitted diseases. Risky sexual behaviors among youth are high. According to the 2011 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey data, nearly half (47%) of high school students reported having sexual intercourse (Barr). Now, just imagine how much the percentage would increase if all students were truthful and the survey were retaken in 2015. In another study conducted on middle school students, twenty percent of sixth graders have already their first sexual encounter, and forty-two Pitones 2 percent of eighth graders reported engaging in

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