Teenage Pregnancy And The Decline Of Education

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Teenage Pregnancy and the Decline in Education Raven Burton, Emani Mitchell Albany State University Table of Contents Teenage Pregnancy and the Decline in Education I. Abstract II. Introduction III. Annotated Bibliography IV. Reference Page Abstract This paper investigates the correlation between teenage pregnancy and the decline in education. Teenage pregnancy is a growing epidemic an also looked at as a social issue. Those who give birth during teenage years tend to be at higher risks for poverty, lower education level, and depend on the government system for help. Declination in education can be the leading cause to many adverse situations and future consequences for these teen parents. Lower education or…show more content…
They also state that there was 9.4 billion dollars spent on child bearing in 2014.Also the National Campaign states that the rates have declined since the peak of teen pregnancy in 1991.The leading race in teenage pregnancy statistically are Hispanics. Hispanic teenage pregnancy shows that 38 girls out per 1000 girls conceive in their teenage years (The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 2016).Teenage pregnancy is a growing epidemic and it is a very costly. Teenage pregnancy as a whole is important because it is imperative that the rates stay low. This may prevent many from having to go through the obstacles teenage parents endure. Through research we plan to investigate the correlation between teenage parents and the decline in their education. The investigation will focus on the difference in GPAs and dropout rates previous to conception and post-partum .To explore this research one must conduct a survey. The survey will ask questions that involve the parent’s demographics as well as their current status in school. Demographics should also include marital status of their parents, the age their parents conceived, and child hood experiences. These variables will help understand the likelihood and influences someone can have and how they conceived at this early age. Configuring dropout rates is important as well need to know how many parents have left since being pregnant. While surveying theses students it is very imperative that we
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