Teenage Pregnancy At A Young Age

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In order for a child to grow and prosper, a stable environment should be in place. Without a stable environment, it can cause that child to act out and chaos will be a result of that. During teenage years, kids will often experiment with the opposite sex due to curiosity and things they are learning from their peers. Teenage pregnancy has many outside influences besides the individual themselves, one being the media. The teen’s sex education level can explain a lot about the knowledge they have on the topic. Pregnancy at a young age is becoming more prevalent for more reasons than one.
Teen pregnancy rates have seemed to be increasing remarkably in the United States, as oppose to westernized countries. Influences linked to affecting teen
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A trend of early marriage and parenthood was very popular amongst the middle class during the 1900s. In the 1900s, only 1/3 of females had their first child before twenty years old. Researchers have said that this put an immense amount of pressure on teen girls about having to be married if they were pregnant, so this led to many young couples getting married at age twenty or younger. Today, statistics show 80% of teen pregnancies are reported unintended. That’s quite a difference.
The epidemic of teens becoming pregnant ends up hurting the young women in more ways than one. Unprotected sex is beginning to occur more frequently. Most teens understand the risks and consequences of engaging in sexual behaviors at such a young age; however, they don’t seem to take any precautions to prevent pregnancy from occurring. Teens often want to experiment when they see their peers, and people they look up to, doing such acts.
In these circumstances, the media is to blame. The television airs shows such as “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” which are supposed to prevent teens from making the same mistakes as some of the young girls featured on the shows. “16 and Pregnant” shows the reality and struggle all these teens encounter while being pregnant, as well as after giving birth. “Teen Mom”, however, shows these young girls lives caring for their baby 24/7, while finishing school or working full time. You would think
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