Teenage Pregnancy During Adolescent Years

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Pregnancy During Adolescent Years Going through school can be a difficult time for children, especially during their adolescent years. The most difficult part of high school is dealing with peer pressure and the constant pressure of having sex. As children go through life and generations go in and out of the school system it is becoming more common for teens to partake in sexual activities. It is said that 47% of all high school students are sexually active and have been with more than one sexual partner. Unfortunately, this activity is something that does not discriminate. In-fact, it can be seen in all genders, races, and communities. Being subjected to the pressures of sex is something that all teens should be prepared for. Talking with your parents and being aware of the consequences could alter the adolescents desire to participate in such activities (Sex-Speaking to Children and Teenagers About Sex, n.d.). There are many different reasons why adolescents want to partake in these activities including the thought of fitting in. Thinking about making such a decision is beyond fitting in, in-fact there are many consequences that come along with sexual activities (Sex-Speaking to Children and Teenagers About Sex, n.d.). Before a child decides to partake in these activities, they need to understand what can happen and who all it affects. Teen pregnancy is one of the one the top reasons for girl dropouts (Van-Pelt, 2014). Statistics show that approximately 50% of teen
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