Teenage Pregnancy Is A Large Concern Throughout The World

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Teen pregnancy is a large concern throughout the world. This is especially true in the United States (US). In the U.S. teenage pregnancy affects 750,000 girls annually. (Silvers, 2014) According to Kate Blackman, 1 in 4 teens get pregnant before the age of twenty and 1 in 5 teen moms will have a second child by the age of twenty. (2015) Social media shows many aspects about teenage pregnancy and parenthood. Because of this many young adults get to see the reality behind this subject. Even though on the surface of a magazine cover or on the internet it may seem like teenage pregnancy is glamorized in social media, this is not the case. There are many ways that the media truly shows the struggles of being a teen mother. Since magazines are meant to entertain they will not show this but almost all other social media areas will. This helps make a statement about it. Social media helps to deglamorize and prevent teenage pregnancy.

Research has shown that social media is a large factor in the reduction of teenage pregnancy. Social media reduces the amount of face to face interaction between young adults which results in less opportunities for sexual activity. Between 2013 and 2014 teenage pregnancy rates dropped by approximately 6.8% (Bennett, 2016). This evolution of social media caused this. It has changed how young people interact and communicate with each other. Clare Murphy states that the media is often portrayed as paving the way for risky behaviour. She continues by…

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