Teenage Pregnancy Is A Vicious Cycle

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Skylynn Cavalli


English 101

29 June, 2015

Baby Proofing Our Youth
According to the Arizona Department of Health Services 8,715 teenagers 19 years old or less were impregnated in 2013. 2,385 of these pregnancies were contributed by teens ranging in ages 15 through 17 years old, in which 1,985 resulted in live births. Meaning, only 400 out of 2,385 of our little sisters, daughters, nieces, and even best friends weren’t able to successfully bring a child into our world. Teen pregnancy is a growing occurrence in the U.S., through educating and making sure the public has what it needs to prevent teen parenthood we can improve the state of Arizona, as well as do our part for the country. Teen pregnancy is a vicious cycle that negatively impacts both the economy and society around it.
Impregnated teens often must resort to dropping out of school to care for their child; out of the total number of high school dropouts, a third report parenthood as their reason (Tara Culp-Ressler). By the time the teen mothers are 22, only 50% of them have received a high school diploma, and an even lower percentage has completed a 2-4 year college program ( As a result there is a drop in education rates amongst the Arizona public. This hinders the jobs available to state residents and ultimately hurts the economy, affecting the majority of the population. As a result, more people ultimately contribute toward a society unprepared for future careers setting our state and country
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