Teenage Pregnancy Is Becoming A Problem

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Early pregnancy is becoming more of a problem every year. More and more teenagers are becoming pregnant and becoming young mothers. There are many reasons on why this is such a problem. For instance, young mothers drop out of high school, their bodies are not mature enough, not as financially stable as they should be, and many other reasons. In the periodal How to Stop Teen Pregnancies, it states “When teenage girls have babies, they are in danger. They more likely will suffer serious health problems than mothers in other age groups and more often will drop out of school and become stuck at low-income levels for life. Children of these teens also navigate a tough road. They are prone to health and behavior trouble, tend not to do well in school and frequently become teen parents themselves” which gives us evidence that it is not healthy for a young girl to get pregnant. They have been different solutions through the years. Some worked while some didn’t. Some soultions that have been tried are parents talking to their teenegaers about sex and early parenthood. We have also tried to teach teenerages the importace of absence. Howevver, the best solution for this problem would be birth control and how easy it is to access birth control.
For years parents have had the conversation of sex at an early age. However less and less parents are having this conversattions with their kids now. The problem with parents talking to their children is most teenagers are rebellious and…
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