Teenage Pregnancy

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The Effects of Teenage Pregnancy
Pregnancy is beautiful; however, for a teenager it can be a philosophical event with long term implications. Wall-Wieler stated that, “Teenage pregnancy is having at least one pregnancy between the ages of 14 and 19 (inclusive)” (4). Such a situation for teenagers comes with many obstacles. Adolescence would lose the opportunity to fully enjoy their teen years. This is a once in a lifetime experience, which would be cut short because of engaging in adult activities. There is also the possibility of frustration, depression and confusion because the situation might be too much to handle. In most cases, teen pregnancy will have a negative effect on the pregnant teen because it will force them to be fully committed to the concerns and needs of the child while neglecting their own.
In the same fashion, teen mothers would face the challenge of changing their life style to accompany a child. Some teenagers will miss out on their education; this could mean not going to school or potentially dropping out of school permanently to take care of their baby. According to Huffman, “Only 32 percent of teen mothers have graduated from high school-that is, have received a regular high school diploma-by age 30, compared with over 84 percent of women who delay motherhood. This figure is not surprising; the presence of a young child makes it very difficult for teen mothers to continue their education” (56). When a child drops out of school they are prone to
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