Teenage Pregnancy : Protecting Our Youth Through Abstinence

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Jada Williamson Mrs. Rebecca Powell English IV 30 October 2015Teen Pregnancy: Protecting Our Youth Through Abstinence What is Teen Pregnancy? It is the pregnancy of adolescent girls from the ages of 13-20. Teen Pregnancy is one of the most trending things happening in today’s society. Statistics shows that 1,000,000 girls become pregnant every year (Garth). Being that the United States is in the highest percentage of teen pregnancy, 40% will have government assistance (Garth). The teen birth rate from 1990-1995 per 1,000 girls was 64 in the United States from 15 to 19 year olds, 13% in Germany, 9% in France, and 7% . The rate of teen abortion in the United States is higher than Europe with statistics showing that 17% per 1,000 girls, 7.9% in France, 5.2% in Netherlands. Germany is the second highest abortion rate ranking at 8.7% for women ages 15-49.( Sex Education Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy).Because of these statistics, Sex Education and SexualAbstinence should be taught in America to prevent teen pregnancy. Sex Education is taught in countries such as Germany, France, and Netherlands to promote safe sex. Condoms are given to students to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs. Not only are they educated enough about safe sex, they also have access to birth control pills. The rate of Dutch teens using contraceptives is 85%: 46% use condoms and 24% use condoms and the pill. That means that the other 15% of Dutch teens do not use condoms or the pill. The percentage of
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