Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse In The United States

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Abusing prescription drugs commonly called "pharming"--is the fastest-growing drug problem in the United States, particularly among teens. About 7 million Americans abused prescription drugs in 2007 more than used cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, Ecstasy, and inhalants combined.” Pharming is a form of drug abuse that is using pharmacy drugs to get high. They use drugs such as oxycontin and other over the counter drugs.These drugs can be easily obtained by getting a prescription by a doctor. Drug abuse is a big problem in America due to the fact that it ruins people’s lives and negatively affects others around them. If people were more educated on drug abuse it wouldn’t be a problem. Knowing the negative effects could change the mind of a teen…show more content…
One fact from the source was that “Teenage drug abuse is one of the major international concerns that we are facing today. There are various reasons why teenagers begin using drugs. For many teenagers, getting high on drugs is their way of getting into the “in crowd.” As a result, teenage drug abuse is often rooted in the concept of social acceptance.” This fact is important because it explicitly explains the possible reason behind the behavior of drug abuse. Another fact is that “Teenage drug abuse may also be rooted in the concept of testing oneself. There is a fallacy floating around that if you are not able to handle drugs, then you are weak. Given this, teenagers begin using drugs in an effort to prove themselves. Many times teens take more and more of a drug to try to impress their peers. At a party, a teen may take repeated hits off a bong amid the cheers of their friends. With this level of support and praise from friends, teens often feel good about themselves, leading them to repeat this behavior.” This fact is important because it brings how social status and popularity could also be a major factor. My last fact is that “If a teen’s parents or other immediate family members have struggled with abuse and addiction, it increases the likelihood of the teen developing a substance abuse issue as well.” This fact is also important because it shows how it can be spread through family genes and that it has been a major problem for many generations. My third source speaks about a certain branch of drug abuse popular in teens called
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