Teenage Stereotypes

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“Lazy,” “Disrespectful,” “Selfish,” “Technology Crazed.” These are just a few of the words that come to mind when the typical adult describes the everyday teenager. To some, these descriptions are taken as a given fact and lack recognition of the issue this poses to the individuals on the receiving end of such. This is the exact issue present in discrimination and stereotyping. For years, a specific group of individuals has been reduced to the negative connotations presented against them by every other group that lacks such quality such as their race, gender, appearance, age ...etc. Every instance applicable contains the common ground in which the other groups fail to recognize the harm in their superficial classifications of one another due to narrow-minded tendencies. This is the basis to every single form of discrimination. An incredibly oppressed group who is by far, no stranger to these circumstances are teens who continuously receive the hostility of adults for simply belonging to their age group. Present day teenagers have come to be placed in an inaccurate box that classifies them as a selfish, immature group by adults due several factors, the most prominent being the media and the form it introduces teens to the average adult. The constant incorrect portrayal of teens in movies, t.v. and other platforms has caused adult audiences to believe these classifications and thus, cause several issues to be inflicted upon teens in several areas of their lives that calls for
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